Sometimes reality imitates the idea.
Manchmal ahmt die Realität die Idee nach. / 2021

Martina Helena Kaufmann

Hello I'm Sriti

Sriti is a scultpure open to the public in Netstal.

Since February 7, 2021 you can discover Striti in the lime stone factory Netstal (KFN) "Chalchi* in Netstal GL.

instagram: @sriti.netstal ///  #sriti_sculpture

Visit Sriti in Netstal GL

Take a walk and visit Sriti in Netstal. Get an idea of the sculpture in the "Chalchi" and..

… take a photo of Sriti for your gallery. 

If you have a photo you'd like to share, please upload it to Instagram and do tag the photo with: 

/// @sriti.netstal
/// #sriti_sculpture

Or email your photo to Sriti

The photo of the week will be uploaded to the Sriti Instagram page @sriti.netstal

In this way, your photo becomes part of Sriti's story, revealing how the sculpture changes depending on the season and the day/light situation. 

Thank you so much!